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Vatican City

  • Official Name:Vatican City State

  • Capital:Vatican City

  • Population:801

  • Area:0.44 km²

  • Major Languages:Italian, Latin

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:80.74 years

  • Currency:Euro

10 Things To Do In Vatican City

  • 1. Visit St. Peter`s Basilica, the world`s largest church

    Admire the grandeur of St. Peter`s Basilica, a Renaissance masterpiece and one of the holiest sites in Christianity, located in Vatican City.

  • 2. Explore the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

    Discover the Vatican Museums` vast art collection, culminating with the awe-inspiring frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo.

  • 3. Attend the Pope`s public audiences and Mass ceremonies

    Take part in the unique opportunity to attend a public audience or Mass celebrated by the Pope, experiencing the spiritual heart of the Vatican.

  • 4. Stroll through St. Peter`s Square and admire the obelisk

    Wander around St. Peter`s Square, dominated by the magnificent St. Peter`s Basilica, and observe the ancient Egyptian obelisk at its center.

  • 5. Visit the Apostolic Palace and the Vatican Gardens

    Explore parts of the Apostolic Palace and the lush Vatican Gardens, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and well-maintained landscapes.

  • 6. Climb the Dome of St. Peter`s for panoramic views of Rome

    Ascend the dome of St. Peter`s Basilica for breathtaking views of Vatican City, Rome, and the surrounding Italian countryside.

  • 7. Attend the Vatican`s Pontifical Gregorian University

    Visit one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, known for its academic programs and religious studies.

  • 8. Attend a concert at the Vatican or a religious ceremony

    Experience the spiritual and cultural significance of attending a concert or religious ceremony within the Vatican`s sacred surroundings.

  • 9. Learn about the history of the Vatican and the Papacy

    Take guided tours or engage in educational experiences to learn about the rich history, art, and governance of the Vatican and the Papacy.

  • 10. Appreciate the solemnity of the Vatican`s religious rituals

    Observe religious rituals and traditions, such as Papal Masses, blessings, and processions, to experience the deep spirituality of Vatican City.

5 Most Visited Cities In Vatican City

  • Vatican City*





When To Go To Vatican City

  • The best time to visit Vatican City is during the spring months of April and May and the fall months of September and October. This tiny city-state within Rome offers historic landmarks, artistic masterpieces, and spiritual significance. St. Peter`s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel provide awe-inspiring experiences. Vatican City`s religious heritage, Renaissance art, and the ambiance of St. Peter`s Square create a travel experience that is both contemplative and culturally enriching.

Travel Recommendation And Useful Links For Vatican City

Find the complete travel guide for Vatican City

  • - Check entry requirements and ensure you have the necessary travel documents.
    - Respect local customs and etiquette, and learn about Vatican City`s history and culture.
    - Be cautious of Vatican City`s small size and limited facilities; plan your visit accordingly.
    - Explore St. Peter`s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, and attend Papal events if available.
    - Experience the spiritual significance and artistic treasures of Vatican City.

  • Office Tourism of Vatican City

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  • Wikipedia Page

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