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The 8 Most Ethical And Sustainable Hotels In Tonga according to ETIC Hotels

Fafa Island Resort

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Tanoa International Dateline Hotel

2 swimming pools,WiFi available in all areas,Airport shuttle,Free parking,Facilities for disabled guests,Non-smoking rooms,Restaurant,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Superb breakfast
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  • Official Name:Kingdom of Tonga

  • Capital:Nuku`alofa

  • Population:105,695

  • Area:748 km²

  • Major Languages:Tongan, English

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:70.36 years

  • Currency:Pa`anga

10 Things To Do In Tonga

  • 1. Snorkel or dive in the crystal-clear waters of the Vava`u islands

    Explore the vibrant coral reefs, underwater caves, and marine life in the pristine waters around the Vava`u islands.

  • 2. Whale watching in the Ha`apai group of islands during the migration season

    Witness the majestic humpback whales as they migrate to the warm waters of the Ha`apai islands during the whale-watching season.

  • 3. Explore the `Anahulu Cave, a fascinating limestone cave system

    Venture into `Anahulu Cave, known for its stalactites, stalagmites, and underground pools, providing an otherworldly experience.

  • 4. Visit the Royal Palace in the capital city of Nuku`alofa

    Discover the cultural and historical significance of Tonga`s Royal Palace, located in Nuku`alofa.

  • 5. Relax on the beautiful beaches of `Eua Island

    Unwind on the tranquil beaches of `Eua, known for its rugged cliffs, caves, and pristine landscapes.

  • 6. Take a boat tour to the remote Niuas Islands

    Embark on a boat tour to the remote Niuas, a cluster of volcanic islands known for their untouched beauty and cultural heritage.

  • 7. Discover the ancient terraced tombs and stone trilithons in Ha`amonga `a Maui

    Explore the ancient Ha`amonga `a Maui, a stone trilithon believed to have been an ancient royal gateway, and the mysterious terraced tombs nearby.

  • 8. Experience a Tongan feast, known as `umu, with traditional food and dance

    Indulge in a traditional Tongan feast, `umu, featuring an array of delicious dishes, music, and dancing.

  • 9. Hike to the top of the Tofua volcano on Tofua Island

    Embark on an adventurous trek to the volcanic peak of Tofua Island, offering stunning panoramic views.

  • 10. Attend the Heilala Festival celebrating Tonga`s national flower

    Join the vibrant Heilala Festival, honoring Tonga`s national flower, with cultural performances, parades, and festivities.

5 Most Visited Cities In Tonga

  • Nuku`alofa





When To Go To Tonga

  • The best time to visit Tonga is during the dry season from May to October. This Pacific kingdom offers white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and a laid-back Polynesian vibe. Nuku`alofa, the capital, showcases royal palaces, local markets, and traditional dances. Vava`u`s whale-watching opportunities and the coral gardens of Ha`apai provide diverse experiences. Tonga`s friendly locals, water sports, and untouched nature create a travel experience that is both relaxing and exotic.

Travel Recommendation And Useful Links For Tonga

Find the complete travel guide for Tonga

  • - Check entry requirements and ensure you have the necessary travel documents.
    - Respect local customs and etiquette; learn about Tongan culture and traditions.
    - Be cautious of environmental conservation; follow guidelines to protect marine life.
    - Explore Tonga`s pristine beaches, coral reefs, and traditional ceremonies.
    - Engage with locals to learn about their way of life and history.

  • Office Tourism of Tonga

  • CIA World Fact-book

  • Wikipedia Page

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