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  • Official Name:Federal Republic of Somalia

  • Capital:Mogadishu

  • Population:16,877,894

  • Area:637,657 km²

  • Major Languages:Somali

  • Major Religions:Islam

  • Life expectancy:52.80 years

  • Currency:Somali Shilling

10 Things To Do In Somalia

  • 1. Visit the Laas Geel cave paintings

    Laas Geel is a complex of rock shelters featuring vibrant prehistoric cave paintings, providing a glimpse into early human artistic expression.

  • 2. Relax on Lido Beach

    Lido Beach, located in the capital Mogadishu, offers a serene escape with white sand and turquoise waters along the Indian Ocean coastline.

  • 3. Discover the ruins of the ancient port city of Opone

    Opone was a prosperous port city during ancient times and offers an intriguing archaeological site with remnants of past civilizations.

  • 4. Explore the historical architecture of Mogadishu

    Mogadishu features colonial-style buildings and landmarks like the Arba-Rucun mosque, showcasing the city`s diverse history and culture.

  • 5. Visit the Cathedral of Mogadishu

    The Mogadishu Cathedral, also known as the Italian Cathedral, is a historic building that has witnessed the city`s turbulent past and restoration efforts.

  • 6. Experience traditional Somali music and dance

    Somali music and dance are an essential part of the country`s culture, with various styles reflecting the nation`s diversity and oral storytelling.

  • 7. Discover the Somali National Theatre

    The national theater in Mogadishu is a cultural institution, promoting the arts and showcasing performances by local artists and troupes.

  • 8. Visit the Old Bakaara Market

    The market is a vibrant hub for commerce and trade, offering various goods, including traditional textiles, handicrafts, and local produce.

  • 9. Attend traditional ceremonies and celebrations

    Depending on the region and time of visit, travelers may have the opportunity to witness traditional Somali ceremonies and festive events.

  • 10. Experience camel trekking in the countryside

    Camels are an essential part of Somali culture and heritage, and camel trekking allows visitors to explore the picturesque countryside and connect with local traditions.

5 Most Visited Cities In Somalia

  • Mogadishu





When To Go To Somalia

  • Due to ongoing security concerns, travel to Somalia is generally discouraged. The situation in Somalia remains complex, and travelers should prioritize safety and follow official travel advisories before considering a visit.

Travel Recommendation And Useful Links For Somalia

Find the complete travel guide for Somalia

  • - Check visa requirements and obtain necessary visas before traveling.
    - Be cautious of safety concerns; Somalia is currently affected by conflict and instability.
    - Respect local customs and etiquette, especially in conservative areas.
    - Exercise extreme caution and avoid non-essential travel to Somalia.
    - Engage with local authorities and follow their advice if travel is necessary.

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