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  • Official Name:Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • Capital:Islamabad

  • Population:220,892,340

  • Area:881,913 km²

  • Major Languages:Urdu

  • Major Religions:Islam

  • Life expectancy:67.03 years

  • Currency:Pakistani Rupee

10 Things To Do In Pakistan

  • 1. Lahore Explore the cultural heart

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Lahore, the heart of Pakistan. As you traverse its streets, you`ll encounter architectural marvels like the Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort. Each step becomes a journey through history and art, connecting you to the city`s legacy and the stories it holds within its intricate designs.

  • 2. Hunza Valley Experience the breathtaking mountain

    Stand before the breathtaking beauty of Hunza Valley, a region that unveils the majesty of the Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar peaks. The towering mountains become a canvas for awe and inspiration, inviting you to witness the grandeur of nature`s creations and to connect with the tranquility that emanates from these majestic heights.

  • 3. Karimabad Visit the former capital

    Step into the past as you visit Karimabad, the former capital of the Hunza State. Here, you`ll encounter a blend of local culture and traditions that offer insights into the region`s history and heritage. It`s an opportunity to engage with the spirit of the Hunza people and to witness the ways in which their legacy lives on in the present.

  • 4. Islamabad See the Faisal Mosque

    Stand before the grandeur of the Faisal Mosque, a masterpiece of architectural design that stands as a symbol of Pakistan`s modern identity. As you explore Islamabad, you`ll also encounter the Pakistan Monument and the serene landscapes of Shakarparian Park, a convergence of art and nature that embodies the spirit of the city.

  • 5. Naltar Valley Enjoy the picturesque valley

    Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of Naltar Valley, where serene lakes reflect the snow-capped mountains that surround them. Each moment becomes an invitation to embrace the tranquility of the natural world, to feel the crisp mountain air, and to bask in the beauty that resonates through every corner of the valley.

  • 6. Mohenjo Daro Explore the ancient site

    Step back in time as you explore the archaeological site of Mohenjo Daro, a window into the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Among the ruins and remnants, you`ll witness the echoes of a civilization that flourished centuries ago, gaining insights into their way of life and the architectural achievements that shaped their world.

  • 7. Swat Valley Discover the "Switzerland of the East"

    Traverse the lush valleys of Swat, often referred to as the "Switzerland of the East." As you explore, you`ll encounter historical sites and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that defines the region. It`s an invitation to connect with the harmonious interplay between human history and the splendor of the natural world.

  • 8. Karachi Experience the bustling metropolis

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Karachi, a bustling metropolis where modernity meets tradition. From the Quaid-e-Azam`s Mausoleum to the leisure of Clifton Beach, the city becomes a reflection of Pakistan`s dynamism. It`s an opportunity to witness the spirit of progress and to engage with the diverse facets of urban life.

  • 9. Kalash Valleys Immerse in the unique culture

    Step into the enchanting world of the Kalash Valleys, where the unique culture and traditions of the Kalash people flourish. Amidst stunning landscapes, you`ll engage with a way of life that has remained distinct and vibrant. It`s a cultural exchange that invites you to celebrate diversity and to connect with the traditions that shape identity.

  • 10. Taste Pakistani cuisine Try dishes like biryani

    Embark on a culinary journey through Pakistan`s flavors by indulging in traditional dishes like biryani, nihari, chapli kebab, and kulfi. Each bite becomes a connection to the country`s culinary heritage, a fusion of ingredients and traditions that offer a taste of the soul of Pakistan and the stories it tells through its cuisine.

5 Most Visited Cities In Pakistan

When To Go To Pakistan

  • The best time to visit Pakistan is during the spring months of March to May and the fall months of September to November. This South Asian country offers a blend of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and historic sites. Islamabad, the capital, showcases modern development and scenic surroundings. Lahore, known for its vibrant bazaars and Mughal architecture, offers insights into Pakistan`s history. The Hunza Valley and the Karakoram Highway provide opportunities to experience the majestic Himalayas. Pakistan`s rich history, warm hospitality, and breathtaking mountains create a travel experience that is as captivating as it is rewarding.

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