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Norfolk Island

  • Official Name:Norfolk Island

  • Capital:Kingston

  • Population:2,130

  • Area:36.3 km²

  • Major Languages:English

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:-

  • Currency:Australian Dollar

10 Things To Do In Norfolk Island

  • 1. Explore Kingston and Arthur`s Vale Historic Area

    Wander through the historic area, featuring colonial buildings, ruins, and insights into Norfolk Island`s past.

  • 2. Visit Emily Bay

    Relax on the beautiful Emily Bay beach, surrounded by lush vegetation and calm waters for swimming.

  • 3. Discover Captain Cook`s Monument

    Explore the Captain Cook Monument, a historic landmark marking the landing site of Captain James Cook.

  • 4. Attend Bounty Day Celebrations

    Experience Norfolk Island`s Bounty Day celebrations, commemorating the arrival of the Pitcairn Islanders.

  • 5. Visit St. Barnabas Chapel

    Discover the charming St. Barnabas Chapel, a historic building with panoramic views of the island.

  • 6. Explore the Norfolk Island National Park

    Enjoy hiking trails, birdwatching, and diverse ecosystems in the Norfolk Island National Park.

  • 7. Taste Norfolk Island Cuisine

    Indulge in dishes like Norfolk Island fish fry, honey-flavored dishes, and fresh local produce.

  • 8. Visit the Cyclorama

    Experience the Norfolk Island Cyclorama, an immersive panoramic painting depicting the island`s history.

  • 9. Attend the Norfolk Island Food Festival

    Experience culinary delights and events during the annual Norfolk Island Food Festival.

  • 10. Discover Norfolk Island`s Museums

    Learn about the island`s history, including its convict past, at museums like the Norfolk Island Museum.

5 Most Visited Cities In Norfolk Island

  • Kingston

    Burnt Pine



    Anson Bay

When To Go To Norfolk Island

  • The best time to visit Norfolk Island is during the mild months from October to April. This Australian territory offers historic sites, scenic landscapes, and a blend of Polynesian and British cultures. Kingston, the capital, showcases convict ruins, museums, and stunning coastal views. The Emily Bay and Norfolk Island National Park provide opportunities for water activities and outdoor adventures. Norfolk Island`s blend of convict history, natural beauty, and Pacific charm create a travel experience that is both intriguing and rejuvenating.

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