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  • Official Name:Republic of Moldova

  • Capital:Chisinau

  • Population:4,033,963

  • Area:33,846 km²

  • Major Languages:Moldovan

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:71.75 years

  • Currency:Moldovan Leu

10 Things To Do In Moldova

  • 1. Visit the Milestii Mici Winery

    Explore the world`s largest underground wine cellar and taste Moldovan wines.

  • 2. Discover the cave monasteries in Orheiul Vechi

    Explore the ancient monasteries carved into limestone cliffs.

  • 3. Cricova Winery

    Tour the underground wine cellars and taste a variety of wines.

  • 4. Chisinau

    Explore the capital city and its parks, museums, and markets.

  • 5. Tipova Monastery Complex

    Visit the cliffside monastic complex and enjoy the beautiful natural setting.

  • 6. Soroca Fortress

    Explore the historic fortress and enjoy panoramic views of the Nistru River.

  • 7. Saharna and Orheiul Nou

    Discover the religious sites and natural beauty of these areas.

  • 8. Capriana Monastery

    Visit the ancient monastery and learn about Moldovan Orthodox traditions.

  • 9. Hiking and outdoor activities in Codru

    Enjoy outdoor adventures in the picturesque Codru Forest.

  • 10. Taste Moldovan cuisine

    Try dishes like mămăligă (cornmeal porridge), sarmale (cabbage rolls), and placinte (stuffed pastries).

5 Most Visited Cities In Moldova

  • Chisinau





When To Go To Moldova

  • Late spring (May to June) and early fall (September to October) are the best times to explore Moldova`s hidden gems and wine culture. Chișinău, the capital, offers a mix of Soviet architecture, vibrant markets, and charming parks. The Mileștii Mici wine cellars and the underground city of Cricova showcase the country`s wine-making traditions. Moldova`s blend of history, hospitality, and unique landscapes create a travel experience that is both authentic and rewarding.

Travel Recommendation And Useful Links For Moldova

Find the complete travel guide for Moldova

  • - Check visa requirements and obtain necessary visas before traveling.
    - Respect local customs and etiquette, and learn about Moldova`s history and culture.
    - Be cautious of changing weather conditions; pack accordingly for different seasons.
    - Explore Moldova`s wineries, historic monasteries, and rural villages.
    - Experience Moldovan wine, traditional cuisine, and cultural events.

  • Office Tourism of Moldova

  • CIA World Fact-book

  • Wikipedia Page

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