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Marshall Islands Resort

  • City: Majuro
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Marshall Islands

  • Official Name:Capital: Majuro

  • Capital:Population 55,000

  • Population: Area 181 sq km (70 sq miles)

  • Area: Major languages Marshallese, English

  • Major Languages: Major religion Christianity

  • Major Religions: Life expectancy 67 years (men), 71 years (women)

  • Life expectancy: Currency US dollar

  • Currency: Republic o

Things to see in Marshall Islands

  • Arno Atoll

    Arno atoll is located in north pacific region of Marshall Islands, covering the area of 13.0km square. Arno is made by combining 133 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Situated in best location closest to the capital of Marshall Islands Majuro atoll. It is surrounded by three large water bodies, a large in middle and two small in the north and east. It has a very beautiful pure blue sea water with amazing sea animals, if you are a nature lover you must visit Arno atoll once.

  • Kalalin Pass

    Kalalin pass is considered as one of the best spot for the people who love diving I Marshall islands. It is full of steep coral wall and variety of the species of fish and coral. It is situated in beautiful and nearer location than any other fishing spot in Marshall Islands.

  • Ebeye Island

    Ebeye is one of the most famous islands located in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, covering the area of 32 hectors. Here you can find Marshallese culture, and it is the walk chain of archipelago where you can capture the most beautiful view of sunset. It has the population of more than 15000 people and surprisingly most of the population is under the age of 18.

  • Maloelap Atoll

    This is an amazing set of islands where you can visit. The sunning islands set would give you a stunning experience of witnessing the beautiful and mesmerizing natural and scenic beauty of Australia. If you want to get a fun road trip over the extraordinary pathways of the taroa, you must visit these awesome islands and have fun.5. Bokolap Islands

When to visit in Marshall Islands

  • The best time to visit Marshall Islands is from january until october and december, when you will have a warm temperature and mediocre rainfall. The highest average temperature in Marshall Islands is 30°C in august and the lowest is 28°C in february. The weather and climate of Marshall Islands is suitable for a sun vacation.