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Welcome to The ETIC Group

Empowering Ethical and Sustainable Hospitality

Welcome to The ETIC Group, a transformative force in the world of ethical and sustainable hospitality. We are a consortium of like-minded brands and ventures dedicated to reshaping the way the world engages with travel, leisure, and lodging. With an unwavering commitment to responsible practices, community engagement, and environmental stewardship, The ETIC Group is leading the charge toward a more conscious and impactful hospitality industry.

Our Vision

At The ETIC Group, our vision is bold: to create a world where travel not only enriches the traveler but also leaves a positive mark on the destinations visited. We believe that hospitality can be a powerful catalyst for positive change, nurturing communities and safeguarding the environment.

Our Brands

1. ETIC Hotels

ETIC Hotels isn’t just a hotel booking platform; it’s a gateway to responsible travel experiences. With a curated selection of accommodations worldwide, each endorsed by our stringent sustainability standards, we empower travelers to book with purpose. From eco-friendly boutique inns to sprawling luxury resorts, ETIC Hotels ensures that your stay aligns with your values.

2. ETIC Resorts

ETIC Resorts reimagines the tropical escape. Our portfolio of stunning beachfront and island resorts offers uncompromising luxury, combined with an unwavering commitment to preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of their locales.

3. ETIC Expeditions

ETIC Expeditions caters to the adventurous souls seeking authentic experiences with minimal environmental impact. Our expeditions range from exhilarating outdoor adventures to meaningful encounters with indigenous cultures, all while upholding our pledge to leave no trace.

4. ETIC Culinary

ETIC Culinary celebrates the art of sustainable gastronomy. Through our network of partner restaurants, culinary schools, and collaborations with local producers, we’re redefining the dining experience by championing locally sourced ingredients and advocating zero-waste practices.

Our Pillars

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is our cornerstone. From selecting accommodations with eco-friendly practices to offsetting carbon footprints, we’re committed to making every travel experience a step toward a greener future.

2. Community Engagement

We recognize the interconnectedness of hospitality and community. We actively engage with local communities to create meaningful opportunities, support education, and safeguard cultural treasures, ensuring that our presence enhances the lives of those we touch.

3. Innovation

Innovation drives progress. The ETIC Group is a hub of fresh ideas, constantly seeking novel ways to integrate technology, design, and sustainable practices to elevate the guest experience and redefine industry standards.

4. Ethical Employment

Our teams are the heart of our success. We prioritize fair labor practices, offer comprehensive training and development, and foster environments where employees can flourish both personally and professionally.

Join Us in Igniting Change

At The ETIC Group, we invite you to join a movement that transcends conventional hospitality. Whether you’re a traveler seeking meaningful experiences, a partner who shares our ethos, or an individual who believes in conscious business, The ETIC Group welcomes you to be part of the journey.

Contact Us

For inquiries, partnerships, or to learn more about The ETIC Group, please reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website.

Empowering Ethical Hospitality. Elevating Global Experiences. Choose The ETIC Group.