About ETIC Hotels

Welcome to ETIC Hotels, where ethical and sustainable travel meets a world of extraordinary experiences. With a global portfolio of over 100,000 hotels, we’re not just a hotel booking platform – we’re a catalyst for positive change in the way we explore the world. At ETIC Hotels, we’re passionate about connecting travelers with accommodations that align with their values and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our Journey and Inspiration

Our journey began with two avid travelers, Mina and Olivier. Their relentless passion for discovering new horizons was coupled with a deep concern for the environmental and social impact of travel. After countless destinations and eye-opening encounters, they realized that the hospitality industry needed a transformative change.

Driven by their experiences, Mina and Olivier founded ETIC Hotels with the mission of creating a platform that empowers travelers to make informed and responsible choices. Their vision was to build a community of conscious explorers who could discover the world without compromising its future. Their vision wasn’t just confined to sustainable practices; they saw the potential of merging technology with tradition.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ETIC Hotels systematically combs through vast amounts of hotel information and publicly available data, ensuring that our hotel listings are both comprehensive and aligned with our ethical standards.

Our Vision: A World of Ethical and Sustainable Travel

At ETIC Hotels, we imagine a future where exploration and responsibility coexist in perfect harmony. Our dream is one where each journey, enriched by the thrill of discovery, also carries a deep-seated commitment to the environment, cultures, and communities that host us. We believe that every traveler should be not just a guest, but a guardian—entrusted with the duty to respect and enrich the destinations they explore.

To manifest this vision, we employ the precision of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ensuring our hotel listings exemplify sustainability and ethics. This blend of technology and ethos allows us to curate experiences where the joy of travel is intertwined with the promise of positive impact. With ETIC Hotels, every journey becomes an opportunity to contribute to a brighter, more harmonious world of travel.

Our Mission: Elevating Your Travel Experience

At ETIC Hotels, we’re on a mission to reshape the landscape of travel by introducing a groundbreaking standard for conscientious exploration. Anchored at the core of this mission is the ETIC Green Standard (EGS), an all-encompassing framework meticulously assessing hotels across four pillars:

1. Environment: Safeguarding Our Planet’s Splendor

The first pillar, Environment, underscores our commitment to preserving the natural world’s magnificence. We meticulously evaluate hotels’ dedication to conserving resources and diminishing their ecological impact. From eco-conscious amenities to energy-saving practices, we expertly guide you towards accommodations that hold the planet’s well-being in high regard.

2. Social Responsibility: Empowering Local Communities

Our second pillar, Social Responsibility, delves into fair trade practices, labor rights, and community engagement. We meticulously scrutinize hotels to ensure they champion the upliftment of local economies, foster cultural appreciation, and maintain ethical treatment of their workforce. By choosing ETIC-rated hotels, you actively support the well-being of communities worldwide.

3. Culture and Site Protection: Embracing Heritage

The third pillar, Culture and Site Protection, celebrates cultural diversity and heritage. We passionately advocate for the preservation of indigenous cultures, historical sites, and immersive cultural experiences. When you stay at an ETIC-rated hotel, you’re not just booking a room; you’re immersing yourself in the authentic essence of your destination.

4. Sustainable Management: Nurturing Responsible Leadership

Our fourth pillar, Sustainable Management, underscores the importance of responsible leadership within the hospitality industry. We evaluate hotels’ commitment to sustainable management systems, health and safety standards, legal compliance, employee training, and exceptional customer experiences. By supporting establishments that excel in these aspects, you’re contributing to a higher standard of hospitality.

Why Choose ETIC Hotels?

At ETIC Hotels, we understand that your choice of accommodation is not just about finding a place to stay – it’s about making a meaningful impact. We’re here to empower you with the knowledge and options to travel responsibly and contribute positively to the world. Here’s why you should choose ETIC Hotels for your next journey:

1. Empowerment through Choice

We believe in the power of informed choices. When you choose ETIC Hotels, you’re taking control of your travel experience and aligning it with your values. Each selection you make becomes a conscious step towards creating a better world.

2. Transparency and Trust

We provide transparent insights into each accommodation’s ethical and sustainable practices. With our comprehensive ratings and certifications, you can trust that your chosen hotel is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and cultural heritage.

3. Meaningful Impact

By choosing ETIC-rated hotels, you’re contributing to real change. You’re supporting local economies, promoting fair trade, preserving natural landscapes, and celebrating diverse cultures. Your stay becomes a contribution to a more sustainable and equitable world.

4. Enriching Experiences

Staying at an ETIC-certified hotel means immersing yourself in authentic experiences. From engaging with local communities to exploring cultural heritage and embracing eco-friendly practices, your journey becomes more than just a trip – it’s an opportunity to connect with the essence of your destination.

5. Inspiration for Change

Our curated collection of hotels with exceptional ethical and sustainable practices serves as an inspiration for change. By highlighting these establishments, we aim to motivate and encourage more accommodations to adopt responsible practices, thus transforming the hospitality industry.

6. Shaping the Future of Travel

Your choice matters beyond the individual stay. When you choose ETIC Hotels, you’re joining a movement that’s reshaping the future of travel. Your decision influences the industry to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, making travel a force for good.

7. Creating Lasting Memories

With ETIC Hotels, your memories are not just of places visited but of experiences that echo the values you hold dear. The memories you create are not only for you but for the communities you engage with and the environment you help protect.

8. Sustainable Legacy

At ETIC Hotels, we believe in leaving a positive and lasting legacy. When you stay with us, you become a part of a sustainable movement that extends far beyond your trip. Your choice contributes to the preservation of natural environments, the empowerment of local communities, and the protection of cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy. We are dedicated to ensuring that your travel leaves a sustainable footprint, creating a better world for the travelers of tomorrow.

Choose ETIC Hotels for a Journey of Purpose

Travel is a privilege that comes with the responsibility to leave a positive impact. When you choose ETIC Hotels, you’re choosing to explore the world with intention, mindfulness, and care. Join us in making each journey an opportunity for change, growth, and enrichment.

Explore Responsibly. Choose EGS. Shape the Future.