# A Week in Lesotho – What To Do

Lesotho, known as the Kingdom in the Sky, offers a diverse range of activities enveloped in breathtaking landscapes. This seven-day itinerary will guide you through the must-see attractions and hidden gems of Lesotho.

Day 1: Arrival and Maseru Exploration

# **Explore the Capital – Maseru**

Upon arrival in **Maseru**, Lesotho’s capital, take the day to acclimate and explore. Immerse in the city’s culture at the **Lesotho National Museum**, where you can learn about the country’s history and heritage. Then, stroll through the bustling **Maseru Market** for handicrafts and local produce.

# **A Taste of Local Cuisine**

For dinner, try traditional Basotho cuisine at a local restaurant. Dishes such as **papa (maize porridge)** with **moroho** (spinach) and **oxtail stew** give a perfect introduction to the country’s flavors. Initiatives like **My Africa Tastes** promote traditional Lesotho cuisine and empower local chefs.

Day 2: Nature and Villages

# **Semonkong – The Place of Smoke**

Drive to **Semonkong**, home to the dramatic **Maletsunyane Falls**. Standing at 192m, it’s one of the highest single-drop waterfalls in Africa. Engage in activities like abseiling down the falls or trekking along the gorge, supported by community-based eco-tourism initiatives.

# **Thaba-Bosiu Cultural Village**

On your way back, visit the **Thaba-Bosiu Cultural Village** to learn about Lesotho’s founder King Moshoeshoe I. Government policies, like the **Lesotho Cultural Heritage Policy**, protect places like Thaba-Bosiu and promote sustainable cultural tourism.

Day 3: Pony Trekking in the Highlands

# **Pony Trekking Adventure**

The **Basotho Pony** has been an integral part of local life for centuries. Engage in a pony trekking excursion, which is a sustainable way to explore the Maloti Mountains and supports local economies. Organizations like **Malealea Lodge & Pony Trek Centre** offer various treks, ensuring an authentic experience while respecting the environment.

# **Majestic Mountain Views**

Spend your afternoon in the mountains enjoying panoramic views. Policies such as the **Mountain Conservation Area Management Plan** help preserve these landscapes. As you trek, you contribute to conservation efforts by using low-impact travel methods.

Day 4: Ancient Rock Art and Local Crafts

# **Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites**

Head to the **Sehlabathebe National Park**, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to ancient San rock paintings. Appreciate the artistry while learning about the **Lesotho Heritage Trust**, an organization that works to protect these historic treasures.

# **Local Crafts at Seshoeshoe**

Afterward, visit local artisans in nearby villages where you can purchase **Seshoeshoe** fabric and handcrafted items. This supports the **Lesotho Handicrafts Association**, which promotes local crafts and helps enhance the livelihoods of artisans.

Day 5: Adventure in the Great Outdoors

# **Skiing at Afriski Mountain Resort**

If you’re visiting in the winter months (June to August), don’t miss out on skiing at **Afriski Mountain Resort**. It’s one of the only ski resorts in southern Africa and a unique place to hit the slopes.

# **Mountain Biking and Hiking**

The terrain in Lesotho is also ideal for mountain biking and hiking. Events like the annual **Lesotho Sky Mountain Bike Race** highlight the country’s potential for outdoor sports. Engage with local operators to experience these activities responsibly.

Day 6: Lakes and Dams

# **Boating on Katse Dam**

Take a scenic drive to the **Katse Dam**, which is part of the **Lesotho Highlands Water Project** – an initiative providing water to South Africa and hydroelectricity to Lesotho. Enjoy a boat tour on the dam to appreciate its engineering marvel and the surrounding natural beauty.

# **Fishing and Bird Watching**

The dam also offers recreational opportunities like fishing and bird watching. Initiatives such as **Lesotho Birdlife** ensure eco-friendly bird watching, contributing to the conservation of local avian species.

Day 7: Reflection and Relaxation

# **Cultural Reflections at Morija Museum & Archives**

On your last day, visit the **Morija Museum & Archives** to reflect on Lesotho’s rich history and culture. The museum, through the **Morija Cultural Precinct Plan**, aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Basotho culture.

# **Spa and Wellness**

Conclude your trip by indulging in some wellness treatments at a local spa. Treatments often incorporate herbal remedies used by the Basotho people, aligning with the country’s emphasis on natural and sustainable tourism.

As you plan your week-long adventure in Lesotho, remember to respect the environment and local cultures. Lesotho offers a unique blend of breath-taking natural beauty, rich culture, and adventure, all of which can be experienced while supporting sustainable tourism practices. For accommodation that aligns with these values, head over to ETIC Hotels to book an eco-friendly hotel in Lesotho and make your stay as green as it is grand. Visit https://etichotels.com/’lesotho to find a range of eco-conscious hotels that contribute to making your visit to Lesotho both comfortable and responsible.