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  • Official Name:Bailiwick of Jersey

  • Capital:St. Helier

  • Population:100,080

  • Area:116 km²

  • Major Languages:English

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:-

  • Currency:Pound Sterling

10 Things To Do In Jersey

  • 1. Explore St. Helier

    Wander through the capital of St. Helier, known for its mix of historic sites, shops, and waterfront.

  • 2. Visit Mont Orgueil Castle

    Discover the impressive Mont Orgueil Castle, offering panoramic views of the coastline and history.

  • 3. Relax on St. Brelade`s Bay Beach

    Unwind on the sandy shores of St. Brelade`s Bay Beach, known for its clear waters and scenic beauty.

  • 4. Explore Durrell Wildlife Park

    Experience the conservation-focused Durrell Wildlife Park, home to a variety of endangered species.

  • 5. Discover La Hougue Bie

    Visit the historic site of La Hougue Bie, featuring a Neolithic passage grave and museum exhibits.

  • 6. Explore Jersey War Tunnels

    Learn about Jersey`s WWII history through the exhibits and tunnels of the Jersey War Tunnels attraction.

  • 7. Go Sea Kayaking

    Enjoy sea kayaking around Jersey`s coastline, exploring caves, coves, and marine life.

  • 8. Taste Jersey Royal Potatoes

    Try the famous Jersey Royal potatoes, known for their unique flavor and association with the island.

  • 9. Attend La Fête dé Noué

    Experience the festive La Fête dé Noué, Jersey`s Christmas celebrations with lights, events, and more.

  • 10. Visit Eric Young Orchid Foundation

    Explore the beautiful orchid displays and gardens at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation in Jersey.

5 Most Visited Cities In Jersey

  • Saint Helier

    Saint Brélade

    Saint Clément

    Saint Lawrence


When To Go To Jersey

  • Nestled in the English Channel, Jersey is a captivating blend of history, natural beauty, and modern charm. The summer months (June to August) unveil the island`s inviting atmosphere. St. Helier, the capital, offers a mix of history and contemporary delights. Explore the Elizabeth Castle, a historic fortress accessible by a causeway during low tide. Jersey`s coastline is adorned with golden beaches and dramatic cliffs, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The Durrell Wildlife Park, founded by conservationist Gerald Durrell, is home to a diverse range of animal species. Jersey`s cuisine boasts fresh seafood, Jersey Royal potatoes, and the island`s famous cream. Whether you`re indulging in local delicacies, exploring ancient sites, or wandering along picturesque trails, Jersey`s allure is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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