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Sustainable And Eco-Hotels In Smiths Parish

1. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve: Located on the south coast of Smiths Parish, Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is a picturesque paradise for nature enthusiasts. The reserve features stunning coastal views, tranquil walking trails, and a variety of bird species. Explore the serene landscapes, watch for wildlife, and enjoy a peaceful escape from the bustling city.
2. John Smith`s Bay Beach: This secluded and beautiful beach is a hidden gem in Smiths Parish, offering visitors stunning pink sandy shores and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply basking in the sun, John Smith`s Bay Beach is a serene spot to relax and unwind.
3. Crystal Caves: Embark on a fascinating underground adventure in the Crystal Caves, one of Bermuda`s most breathtaking natural wonders. Explore the awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over millions of years, marvel at the crystal-clear underground lakes, and learn about the cave`s intriguing history with an informative guided tour.
4. Spittal Pond Bird Sanctuary: Adjacent to the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, the Spittal Pond Bird Sanctuary is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. Home to numerous migratory birds, including herons, egrets, and ducks, this sanctuary provides an ideal opportunity to witness the beauty of Bermuda`s avian residents in their natural habitats.
5. Smiths Parish Church: Step back in time and visit the historic Smiths Parish Church, an architectural gem with roots dating back to the 17th century. This charming church features a traditional Bermudian design and offers a peaceful atmosphere for quiet contemplation and reflection. Explore the churchyard to discover ancient tombstones and soak in the rich history of the parish.

The Loren at Pink Beach

5-star hotel
116 South Road Smith, HS 01 Tuckerʼs Town, Bermuda [Map]
  •  Smiths Parish, Bermuda  (2.2km from centre)
  •  ETIC Score: 59%  (Bronze)
  •  Reviews: 4.6 (286+)  (Excellent)
2 swimming pools, Fitness centre, Spa and wellness centre, Airport shuttle (free), Non-smoking rooms, Beachfront, Free parking, Bar, Private beach area, Breakfast

Spa and wellness centre

Health/Fitness Centre

No Smooking Rooms

Free parking


2 swimming pools

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ETIC Bronze rating



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