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1. Visit Jebel Shams: Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman, offering stunning views and breathtaking landscapes. It is known as the "Mountain of Sun" and is a popular spot for hiking, camping, and enjoying the serene surroundings.
2. Explore Misfat Al Abriyeen: Misfat Al Abriyeen is a charming and picturesque village nestled in the mountains. With its traditional mud houses, narrow streets, and ancient irrigation system (falaj), it offers a glimpse into Oman`s rich cultural heritage. Take a leisurely walk through the village and enjoy the tranquility and beautiful views.
3. Discover Bahla Fort: Bahla Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impressive fortress that dates back to the 13th century. The fort`s imposing architecture, intricate carvings, and strong fortifications tell tales of Oman`s ancient history and its defensive system. Wander through the fort`s labyrinthine corridors and explore the towers to learn about its fascinating past.
4. Explore Wadi Ghul: Also known as the "Grand Canyon of Oman," Wadi Ghul is a dramatic canyon with towering cliffs and deep valleys. The scenic drive along the canyon`s edge offers breathtaking views, and adventurous hikers can embark on challenging treks within the wadi. Marvel at the geological formations and enjoy the natural beauty of this remarkable destination.
5. Visit Al Hoota Cave: Al Hoota Cave is one of Oman`s most important natural wonders. Located at the base of Jebel Shams, it is a spectacular limestone cave system. Explore the illuminated caves and admire the impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. Take a guided tour to learn about the cave`s geological importance and the ecosystem that thrives within it.

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Alhamra - PO Box 833, 112 Ḩillat al Qūwīta‘, Oman [Map]
  •  Al Hamra, Oman  (6.5km from centre)
  •  ETIC Score: 65%  (Bronze)
  •  Reviews: 4.3 (731+)  (Very Good)
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