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1. Naya Diganta Luhar Bari: Explore the charm of the historical Naya Diganta Luhar Bari, a marvelous ancient iron smelting furnace dating back to the Mughal era. This fascinating site offers a glimpse into the region`s rich industrial history and showcases the traditional iron smelting techniques used during the bygone days.
2. Basirhat Rajbari: Visit the magnificent Basirhat Rajbari, a colonial-era palace that reflects the architectural grandeur of the past. Explore its regal halls, adorned with stunning artworks and intricate carvings that depict the tales of royal history. The palace also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, providing a vibrant cultural experience.
3. Baikuntha Nath Temple: Pay a visit to the revered Baikuntha Nath Temple, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Admire the intricate terracotta artwork on its walls, depicting mythological stories and deities. The tranquil ambiance and spiritual vibes make it a peaceful spot for meditation and seeking blessings.
4. Sarbamangala Mandir: Experience the spiritual aura at Sarbamangala Mandir, a famous temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sarbamangala. This beautiful temple is known for its unique architectural style and intricate sculptures. Participate in the daily prayers and witness the religious rituals performed with utmost devotion.
5. Basirhat Bazaar: Immerse yourself in the local flavors and vibrant atmosphere of Basirhat Bazaar. This bustling market offers a wide range of traditional handicrafts, textiles, and spices, allowing you to shop for souvenirs and authentic local products. Indulge in the street food delicacies and savor the flavors of the region while exploring the colorful market stalls.

Sunderban Tiger Camp- Wildlife Resort (fully vaccinated staff)

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Basirhat, West Bengal, India [Map]
  •  Basirhat, India  (59.4km from centre)
  •  ETIC Score: 62%  (Bronze)
  •  Reviews: 4.4 (434+)  (Excellent)
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