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1) Rebild National Park: Rebild National Park is a stunning natural area known for its vast forests, rolling hills, and tranquil lakes. The park offers numerous hiking and biking trails, perfect for exploring the beautiful Danish landscape. It is also famous for its annual 4th of July celebrations, attracting visitors from all over the world.
2) Rold Forest: Rold Forest is Denmark`s largest forest, located within the Rebild Hills. This enchanting woodland is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the diverse flora and fauna, enjoy a picnic, or embark on the famous "Hobrovej" path that reveals historical sites and ancient burial mounds.
3) Thingbæk Limestone Mines: Discover the fascinating underground world of the Thingbæk Limestone Mines. These former mines are now converted into an extraordinary museum where visitors can embark on a guided tour through the labyrinthine tunnels, learn about the history of limestone mining, and admire the stunning stalactite formations.
4) Rebild Museum: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the Rebild area at the Rebild Museum. The museum showcases collections and exhibits that depict the life, traditions, and stories of the local inhabitants. Gain insights into the region`s Viking heritage, traditional crafts, and the significance of the Rebild Hills` natural beauty.
5) Jelling Monuments: Although not located in Rebild itself, a visit to the Jelling Monuments is highly recommended for history enthusiasts. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jelling is home to two ancient Viking-era stone monuments, known as the Jelling Stones. These impressive runes are considered significant symbols of Denmark`s heritage and tell the story of the nation`s conversion to Christianity.

Rold Storkro

Vælderskoven 13, 9520 Skorping, Denmark [Map]
  •  Rebild, Denmark  (2km from centre)
  •  ETIC Score: 66%  (Bronze)
  •  Reviews: 4.4 (1023+)  (Excellent)
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