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1) Hobro Viking Fortress: Explore the fascinating ruins of the Hobro Viking Fortress, an ancient Viking stronghold that dates back to the 10th century. Step into the past as you wander around the archaeological site and learn about the Viking history and culture through informative exhibits.
2) Mariager Fjord: Take a scenic boat trip along the peaceful Mariager Fjord, enjoying picturesque views of rolling hills, charming villages, and sparkling blue waters. The fjord is renowned for its tranquility and natural beauty, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing day out or a romantic sunset cruise.
3) Hobro Museum: Immerse yourself in the local history and heritage at the Hobro Museum. Discover artifacts, documents, and interactive displays that showcase the town`s development throughout the centuries. Learn about Hobro`s role in the Viking era, the medieval period, and its modern transformation into a vibrant cultural hub.
4) Hobro Church: Visit the striking Hobro Church, an architectural masterpiece that dates back to the 15th century. Marvel at the intricate Gothic details, stained glass windows, and ornate woodwork. Climb the tower for panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside, or attend one of the church`s cultural events or concerts.
5) Fyrkat Viking Centre: Experience Viking life firsthand at the Fyrkat Viking Centre, a living history museum located just outside Hobro. Encounter costumed guides, see replica Viking longhouses, and participate in various activities like archery, Viking games, and traditional crafts. Gain insight into the Viking age through interactive demonstrations and educational workshops.

Hotel Amerika

4-star hotel
Amerikavej 48, 9500 Hobro, Denmark [Map]
  •  Hobro, Denmark  (2.4km from centre)
  •  ETIC Score: 60%  (Bronze)
  •  Reviews: 4.4 (790+)  (Excellent)
Free parking, Free WiFi, Non-smoking rooms, Restaurant, Facilities for disabled guests, Room service, Family rooms, Bar, Good breakfast

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