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ETIC bronze rating
6.1 / 10
26.98 kg CO2e



1 Kayenta Rd, Canyon Point, UT 84741, USA [View Map]

ETIC silver rating

6.1 / 10

Amangiri Canyon Point is a luxurious and secluded hotel nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Utah desert. Surrounded by towering red rock formations, this exclusive resort offers a serene and peaceful escape from the outside world. The hotel`s architecture seamlessly blends contemporary design with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. Each of the spacious and elegant suites at Amangiri Canyon Point provides guests with stunning views of the desert landscape through expansive windows. The interior decor reflects the simplicity of the desert with neutral tones, natural materials, and sleek furnishings. Amenities such as private plunge pools, fireplaces, and outdoor terraces add an extra touch of luxury and comfort to the accommodation. At Amangiri Canyon Point, guests can indulge in a range of wellness and recreational activities. The hotel features a world-class spa, offering a variety of rejuvenating treatments inspired by ancient Navajo traditions. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the vast desert wilderness through guided hikes, horseback riding, or hot air balloon rides, while those seeking tranquility can enjoy yoga sessions or simply relax by the infinity pool. The hotel`s restaurant offers a dining experience that showcases the finest locally sourced ingredients, with a focus on creating innovative dishes that reflect the flavors of the Southwest. Guests can savor their meals indoors or on the picturesque outdoor terrace, accompanied by breathtaking views of the surrounding canyons. Whether guests are looking for an adventurous outdoor getaway or a peaceful retreat, Amangiri Canyon Point offers an ideal destination. With its unparalleled natural beauty, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable service, this hotel provides an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Utah desert.


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ETIC Green Scores

ETIC silver rating

6.1 / 10


26.98 kg CO2e

THE ETIC Silver Certification is awarded to ethical and sustainable hotels having a score of at least 6 out of 10.

Thresholds for "good" kg CO2e scores can vary depending on the context and the specific activity being measured. However, in the context of hotel stays, a relatively good kg CO2e score could be considered below 10 kg CO2e per room per night. This would indicate that the hotel is implementing energy-efficient practices and utilizing cleaner energy sources, resulting in a lower environmental impact.

What Makes The Hotel Ethical And Sustainable

  • Encouraging guests to bring specific in-kind donations to support the people in a positive way.
  • Students working to complete their two-year education for a certificate in tourism and hospitality
  • Buying locally to promote employment and to provide business opportunities that benefit the local communities the most.
  • Reducing the amount of waste produced and managing it responsibly.
  • Community effort of building wells in the village and have provided and electricity connection to the primary school.
  • Reading books and getting access to Zanzibar communities for free to promote literacy and learning for all ages.

Etic Green Scores

Learn more about the ETIC Green Standard (EGS)

I. Environment (5.8)
1.1. Conserving Resources 5.2
1.1.1. Environment Friendly 6.3
1.1.2. Consumable Goods 9.4
1.1.3. Energy Conservation 2.3
1.1.4. Water Conservation 2.8
1.2. Reducing Pollution 6.1
1.2.1. GHG 2.2
1.2.2. Waste Water 7.5
1.2.3. Waste Management 8.3
1.2.4. Harmful Substances 7.3
1.2.5. Minimize Polution 5.4
1.3. Conserving Biodiversity, Ecosytems and Landscapes 6.1
1.3.1. Wildlife Species 5.3
1.3.2. Wildlife Captivity 8.5
1.3.3. Landscaping 4.8
1.3.4. Biodiversity Conservation 8.6
1.3.5. Interaction with wildlife 3.5
II. Social (7)
2.1. Fair Trade 6.3
2.1.1. Community Development 8
2.1.2. Local Development 9.6
2.1.3. Fair Trade 3.9
2.1.4. Support Local Entrepreneurs 8
2.1.5. Respect Local Communities 2.2
2.2. Labour Rights 7.2
2.2.1. Exploitation Harassment 3
2.2.2. Equal Opportunity 9.1
2.2.3. Labour Rights 9.5
2.3. Services 7.6
2.3.1. Community Services 6.8
2.3.2. Local Services 8.3
III. Culture & Site Protection (4.8)
3.1. Cultural Visits and Promotions 7.8
3.1.1. Culture Visits 7.8
3.2. Historical Artefacts 4.5
3.2.1. Historical Artefacts 4.5
3.3. Protection of Sites 3.1
3.3.1. Protection of Sites 3.1
3.4. Incorporation of Culture 3.6
3.4.1. Incorporation of Culture 3.6
IV. Sustainable Managment (6.7)
4.1. Sustainable Management System 5.2
4.1.1. Sustainable Mgmt System 4.3
4.1.2. Health & Safety 9.3
4.1.3. Legal Compliance 3.2
4.1.4. Employee Training 3.4
4.1.5. Customer Experience 7.3
4.1.6. Accuracy of Promotional Materials 3.9
4.2. Buildings and Infrastructure 7.6
4.2.1. Buildings & Infrastructure Compliance 7.1
4.2.2. Cultural Surroundings 8.8
4.2.3. Buildings & Infrastructure Practices Materials 7
4.3. Adaptive Incorporation 7.2
4.3.1. Access For Persons With Special Needs 4.5
4.3.2. Natural Surroundings 7.3
4.3.3. Reporting And Communication 9.9

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Booking. Exclusivity comes at cost: When I booked, the Amangiri`s lowest rate per night was $1,800, bringing it in at a minimum of almost $2,200 when taking taxes and fees into account.
Built around a central swimming pool with spectacular views, the resort blends into its dramatic surrounds of deep canyons and towering plateaus. Amangiri`s Aman Spa features a floatation therapy pavilion, a water pavilion with sauna, steam room, cold plunge pool and step pool, a fitness centre and a yoga pavilion.
The area was also used as the filming location for John Travolta and Christian Slater`s movie Broken Arrow in 1996, years before the resort opened.

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