Sustainable And Eco-Hotels In Faroe Islands

The 8 Most Ethical And Sustainable Hotels In Faroe Islands according to ETIC Hotels

Hotel Hafnia

Non-smoking rooms,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Facilities for disabled guests,Fitness centre,Parking,Room service,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Fabulous breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Hotel Foroyar

Non-smoking rooms,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Facilities for disabled guests,Spa and wellness centre,Fitness centre,Free parking,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Good breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Hotel Brandan

Non-smoking rooms,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Facilities for disabled guests,Fitness centre,Free parking,Room service,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Fabulous breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Bronze rating

From: N/A


Faroe Islands

  • Official Name:Faroe Islands

  • Capital:Torshavn

  • Population:48,678

  • Area:1,399 km²

  • Major Languages:Faroese

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:-

  • Currency:Danish Krone

10 Things To Do In Faroe Islands

  • 1. Hike to Sørvágsvatn Lake

    Embark on a surreal hike to Sørvágsvatn Lake, where an optical illusion plays tricks on your eyes. As you approach the edge of the cliffs, witness the breathtaking phenomenon of the lake seemingly suspended above the ocean. This natural wonder invites you to question perceptions and revel in the magic of nature`s illusions, a moment where reality and imagination merge into a single breathtaking vista.

  • 2. Discover Tórshavn`s Old Town

    Step into the embrace of history as you explore Tórshavn`s Old Town, a treasure trove of charm and character. Wander through narrow alleys lined with colorful houses, each facade whispering stories of times gone by. This capital`s historic heart offers a glimpse into Faroese culture and heritage, where every cobblestone carries the weight of a narrative waiting to be discovered.

  • 3. Attend Faroe Islands` Cultural Events

    Immerse yourself in the tapestry of Faroese culture by participating in events like Ólavsøka. Join the celebrations that honor the island`s heritage, music, and arts, and become a part of a tradition that has shaped generations. In these moments of festivity, you`re invited to share in the island`s joie de vivre and connect with a community that celebrates life`s richness.

  • 4. Explore Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

    Embark on a boat tour to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, where nature`s drama unfolds in towering spires, cascading waterfalls, and bustling bird colonies. As you navigate the waves and gaze upon these majestic formations, you`re reminded of the delicate balance between land and sea, and the harmony of life that thrives in the midst of nature`s grand spectacle.

  • 5. Visit Gásadalur and Múlafossur

    Venture to Gásadalur, a picturesque village where time seems to stand still. Wander through charming streets until you reach the iconic Múlafossur waterfall, where water cascades dramatically from cliffs to ocean. This is a moment where nature`s raw power meets tranquil beauty, an experience that leaves you in awe of the landscapes that have shaped the Faroe Islands.

  • 6. Taste Traditional Faroese Cuisine

    Delight your senses with a journey into Faroese cuisine, where traditional dishes like skerpikjøt, ræst kjøt, and Grind og Spik transport you to a world of flavors. As you savor these local delicacies, you`re connecting with a culinary heritage that is deeply intertwined with the island`s identity, a testament to the nourishing relationship between culture and cuisine.

  • 7. Hike the Slættaratindur Mountain

    Ascend the heights of Slættaratindur Mountain, the highest peak in the Faroe Islands. With every step, you`re drawn closer to the skies, until you stand atop a realm of sweeping vistas that unveil the islands` stunning landscapes. This hike is more than a physical journey; it`s a quest for perspective, where panoramas become a canvas upon which you sketch memories and dreams.

  • 8. Discover Kirkjubøur`s Historic Sites

    Travel back in time as you explore Kirkjubøur, a village that holds echoes of centuries past. Visit sites like Saint Magnus Cathedral and the Roykstovan house, where history whispers through ancient stones. In this village, you`re a time traveler, touching the traces of a narrative that has been woven into the land, a story that becomes your own in the embrace of its heritage.

  • 9. Explore Funningur and Fossá Waterfall

    Journey to the village of Funningur, where time moves at its own pace and beauty is etched into the land. Explore this haven and make your way to Fossá Waterfall, a towering spectacle that carries with it the music of cascading water. In Funningur`s serenity and Fossá`s power, you`re reminded of the island`s diverse landscapes and the rhythms that have shaped its identity.

  • 10. Bird Watching on Mykines Island

    Embark on a journey to Mykines Island, where the skies come alive with the vibrant presence of puffins and seabirds. As you walk along rugged cliffs and observe these creatures in their natural habitat, you become a witness to a world where land and sky intersect in a symphony of life. Mykines is an island of avian wonder, an invitation to witness nature`s masterpiece in flight.

5 Most Visited Cities In Faroe Islands

  • Tórshavn





When To Go To Faroe Islands

  • The summer months of June to August are the Faroe Islands` time to shine, when the landscapes come alive in a symphony of green and blue. The milder weather creates an optimal environment for exploring the island`s natural beauty, from its stunning coastline to its dramatic cliffs. Hiking trails lead to panoramic vistas that capture the essence of the Faroe Islands` unique charm. The islands` summer is a period of enchantment, where the landscapes themselves become storytellers, weaving tales of rugged beauty and captivating landscapes.

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