The ETIC Group

We want to make Sustainability our main focus.

We have so far launched for Luxury and Premium Ethical and Sustainable Clothing brands. We have now launched for our selection of Ethical and Sustainable hotels around the globe.

“The more transparency will be delivered by hotels and resorts, the more pressure will be added to unethical and non-sustainable établissements. The hope of ETIC Hotels is to push every hotel to adopt environment-friendly policies and adapt to local cultures, heritage and communities. The more “ESG” a hotel is, the more sustainable this hotel will be.”– Mina Habchi, Co-founder of ETIC


The aim behind the ETIC project is to develop and encourage sustainable and ethical behaviour to various brands all over the world. The founders, Olivier Khatib and Mina Habchi, who had been travelling for years, found that most hotels and resorts around the world were missing consistent and standardized ways of adapting to local cultures, and adopting internal policies towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of managing a hotel or resort.

After setting up ETIC and its ETIC Ethical Fashion Standard (NEFS), Mina has decided to pursue the project to hotels and resorts globally. From this, the ETIC Ethical Hotels Standard (NEHS) was born. Hotels and resorts will now be rated on their Environment, Social and Governance acts according to the NEHS.


ETIC Hotels aims to rate and monitor hotels and resorts’ environment impact, social and governance behaviour and policies.

This latter is carried out by assessing more than 500 metrics at all levels of hotels and resorts. Metrics are both looked upon hotels’ internal policies and acts, but also news and government/NGO reports.

Finally, the metrics are aggregated into the ETIC Ethical Hotels Standard (NEHS) and a score out of 10 is assigned to each hotel or resort.

- ETIC Hotels aims to provide high-quality guidance to hotels and resorts for Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance purposes.
- ETIC Hotels aims to push hotels to protect the culture and heritage of their operation locations.
- ETIC Hotels aims to push hotels to promote diversity, equality, inclusion, health, welfare and human rights of their work force.
- ETIC Hotels aims to push hotels to always act in accordance with local law.

Since then, ETIC Hotels has achieved great results, and is constantly enhancing hotels’ internal processes but are also having a green impact on the hotels’ employees, the local communities and the environment hotels are operating in.