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The EHGS certification is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements leading to certification of their enterprises’ sustainable operation and management.

The EHGS Standard includes 44 core criteria supported by over 380 compliance indicators. The applicable indicators vary by type of certification, geographical area as well as local factors. The entire NEHS Standard is reviewed and updated twice per calendar year.

EHGS is active in harmonizing with other established sustainability certification programs around the world. The process of harmonization contributes to maintaining core criteria and at the same time addresses regional issues through the adoption of locally developed standards.

The EHGS Standard is based on the following international standards and agreements:
- Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria
- Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria (STC Partnership)
- Baseline Criteria of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas
- Agenda 21 and principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Governments at the United - Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992
- ISO 9001 / 14001 / 19011 (International Standard Organization)

To guarantee compliance to the highest international standards, a third-party independent auditor is appointed to work with clients on-site. The international standard ISO 19011 provides guidance on the management of audit programs, the conduct of internal and external management systems as well as the competence and evaluation of auditors. NEHS has drawn on ISO 19011:2002 in the development of its audit program.

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nehs gold

The EHGS GOLD Certification is awarded to ethical and sustainable hotels having a score of at least 8.0 (out of 10).

nehs silver

The EHGS SILVER Certification is awarded to ethical and sustainable hotels having a score of at least 6.0 (out of 10).

nehs bronze

The EHGS BRONZE Certification is awarded to ethical and sustainable hotels having a score below 6.0 (out of 10).



1. Environment 1.1. Conserving Resources 1.1.1. Environmently-Friendly products
1.1.2. Consumable Goods
1.1.3. Enery Conservation
1.1.4. Water Conservation
1.2. Reducing Polution 1.2.1. Greenhouse Gas
1.2.2. Waste Water
1.2.3. Waste Management
1.2.4. Harmful Substances
1.2.5. Minimize Polution
1.3. Conserving Bio Diversity, Ecosystems & Landscapes 1.3.1. Wildlife Species
1.3.2. Wildlife in Captivity
1.3.3. Landscaping
1.3.4. Biodiversity Conservation
1.3.5. Interaction with Wildlife


2. Social 2.1. Fair Trade 2.1.1. Community Development
2.1.2. Local Development
2.1.3. Fair Trade
2.1.4. Support Local Entrepreneurs
2.1.5. Respect Local Communities
2.2. Labour Rights 2.2.1. Exploitation and Harassment
2.2.2. Equal Opportunity
2.2.3. Labour Rights
2.3. Services 2.3.1. Community Services
2.3.2. Local Services


3. Culture and Site Protection 3.1. Culture Visits and Promotions 3.1.1. Culture Visits and Promotions
3.2. Historical Artefacts 3.2.1. Historical Artefacts
3.3. Protection of Sites 3.3.1. Protection of Sites
3.4 Incorporation of Culture 3.4.1 Incorporation of Culture


4. Sustainable Management 4.1. Sustainable Management System 4.1.1. Sustainable Management System
4.1.2. Health and Safety
4.1.3. Legal Compliance
4.1.4. Employee Training
4.1.5. Customer Experience
4.1.6. Accuracy of Promotional Materials
4.2. Buildings and Infrastructure 4.2.1. Buildings and Infrastructure Compliance
4.2.2. Buildings and Infrastructure Integrity of the Natural and Cultural Surrondings
4.2.3. Buildings and Infrastructure Practices and Materials
4.3. Adaptive Incorporation 4.3.1. Access for Persons with Special Needs
4.3.2. Interpretation of the Natural Surroundings
4.3.3. Reporting and Communication