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  • Official Name:Republic of Estonia

  • Capital:Tallinn

  • Population:1,326,535

  • Area:45,339 km²

  • Major Languages:Estonian

  • Major Religions:Non-religious

  • Life expectancy:76.91 years

  • Currency:Euro

10 Things To Do In Estonia

  • 1. Explore the medieval Old Town of Tallinn

    Wander through cobbled streets, visit ancient churches, and climb up to Toompea Hill.

  • 2. Visit Lahemaa National Park

    Experience the beauty of Estonia`s largest national park with diverse landscapes.

  • 3. Discover the island of Saaremaa

    Enjoy nature, historic sites, and local culture on this picturesque island.

  • 4. Explore the university city of Tartu

    Discover Estonia`s intellectual hub with historical buildings and vibrant student life.

  • 5. Relax on the beaches of Pärnu

    Enjoy sandy beaches and spa resorts in the popular summer destination.

  • 6. Visit the Seto villages and experience Seto culture

    Learn about the unique Seto culture, including traditional clothing, music, and cuisine.

  • 7. Discover the Estonian Open Air Museum

    Experience Estonian rural life from the 18th to the 20th century in this open-air museum.

  • 8. Attend the Song and Dance Celebration

    Engage in Estonia`s rich musical tradition at this unique festival held every five years.

  • 9. Explore the coastal cliffs of Panga Pank

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to spot seals in their natural habitat.

  • 10. Experience the White Nights of Estonia

    Enjoy the extended daylight hours and the vibrant cultural events during the summer months.

5 Most Visited Cities In Estonia

When To Go To Estonia

  • June to August is the pinnacle of Estonia`s charm, when the country`s landscapes burst into life under the warm embrace of the summer sun. The charming capital city of Tallinn, with its medieval Old Town and vibrant culture, offers an unforgettable urban experience. The Baltic Sea coastline invites travelers to explore pristine beaches and coastal beauty, while the countryside beckons with its picturesque allure. Estonia`s summer is a symphony of color and warmth, inviting visitors to embrace its natural beauty and cultural treasures.

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