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The 8 Most Ethical And Sustainable Hotels In Eritrea according to ETIC Hotels

Asmara Palace Hotel

2 swimming pools,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Spa and wellness centre,Facilities for disabled guests,Room service,Free parking,Restaurant,Bar,Breakfast
  •  Asmara, Eritrea
  •  ETIC Green Score: 66%
  •  Reviews: 4.1 (239+)
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  • Official Name:State of Eritrea

  • Capital:Asmara

  • Population:3,546,421

  • Area:117,600 km²

  • Major Languages:Tigrinya, Arabic, English

  • Major Religions:Christianity, Islam

  • Life expectancy:66.32 years

  • Currency:Nakfa

10 Things To Do In Eritrea

  • 1. Explore the ancient city of Asmara

    Wander through the well-preserved Italian colonial architecture and Art Deco buildings.

  • 2. Visit the ruins of Qohaito

    Discover the ancient civilization`s remains and impressive archaeological sites.

  • 3. Explore the Dahlak Archipelago

    Enjoy diving, snorkeling, and relaxation on the beautiful islands of the archipelago.

  • 4. Experience the Dankalia region

    Trek to the active Erta Ale volcano and the mesmerizing salt flats of the region.

  • 5. Visit the Massawa Old Town

    Explore the historical buildings and Ottoman-era architecture in the coastal town.

  • 6. Discover the ancient port city of Adulis

    Learn about the historical significance of the once-thriving trade city.

  • 7. Attend the Independence Day celebrations in Asmara

    Engage in the festive atmosphere and celebrations on Eritrea`s Independence Day.

  • 8. Explore the Gurgusum Beach

    Relax on the sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery.

  • 9. Discover the Danakil Depression

    Experience one of the hottest and lowest places on Earth with unique geological formations.

  • 10. Taste Eritrean cuisine

    Try local dishes like injera with different stews and enjoy the country`s culinary delights.

5 Most Visited Cities In Eritrea

  • Asmara





When To Go To Eritrea

  • Eritrea`s charm is best experienced from November to February, when cooler temperatures and minimal rainfall create an inviting atmosphere for exploration. The capital city of Asmara, with its colonial architecture and vibrant culture, becomes an open canvas of discovery. The ancient city of Massawa, with its intriguing history and coastal allure, invites travelers to unravel its mysteries. Eritrea`s prime season is a time to step into a world where history is woven into the fabric of daily life, creating a journey through time that is both enriching and unforgettable.

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