Sustainable And Eco-Hotels In africa

The 8 Most Ethical And Sustainable Hotels In africa According To ETIC Hotels

Hotel Delphin

Outdoor swimming pool,Airport shuttle,Free WiFi,Non-smoking rooms,Facilities for disabled guests,Free parking,Restaurant,Fitness centre,Family rooms,Good breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

VOI Kiwengwa Resort

Outdoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Beachfront,Family rooms,Spa and wellness centre,Restaurant,Bar,Private beach area,Breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Bnb Resort

Outdoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle,Fitness centre,Restaurant,Free parking,Spa and wellness centre,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Good breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Radisson Blu Mosi-Oa-Tunya, Livingstone Resort

3 swimming pools,Free WiFi,Family rooms,Airport shuttle,Free parking,Restaurant,Non-smoking rooms,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Superb breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

The Social House Nairobi

  •  Nairobi, Kenya
  •  ETIC Green Score: 72%
  •  Reviews: 4.6 (2002+)
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Villa Chouiter Center

Indoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Free parking,Family rooms,Terrace,Garden,Air conditioning
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Hotel Morabeza

  •  Sal, Cape Verde
  •  ETIC Green Score: 72%
  •  Reviews: 4.6 (513+)
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Claires Of Centurion

Free WiFi,Free parking,Family rooms,Non-smoking rooms
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A



  • Capital City: Algiers
  • Population: 43,851,044
  • Languages: Arabic, Berber
  • Currency: Dinar
View Eco-Hotels in Algeria


  • Capital City: Luanda
  • Population: 32,866,272
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: Kwanza
View Eco-Hotels in Angola


  • Capital City: Porto-Novo
  • Population: 12,123,200
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Benin


  • Capital City: Gaborone
  • Population: 2,351,627
  • Languages: English, Setswana
  • Currency: Pula
View Eco-Hotels in Botswana

Burkina Faso

  • Capital City: Ouagadougou
  • Population: 20,903,273
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Burkina Faso


  • Capital City: Gitega
  • Population: 11,890,784
  • Languages: Kirundi, French
  • Currency: Burundian Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Burundi


  • Capital City: Yaounde
  • Population: 26,545,863
  • Languages: English, French
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Cameroon

Cape Verde

  • Capital City: Praia
  • Population: 555,987
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo
View Eco-Hotels in Cape Verde

Central African Republic

  • Capital City: Bangui
  • Population: 4,829,767
  • Languages: French, Sango
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Central African Republic


  • Capital City: N`Djamena
  • Population: 16,425,864
  • Languages: French, Arabic
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Chad


  • Capital City: Moroni
  • Population: 869,601
  • Languages: Comorian, Arabic, French
  • Currency: Comorian Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Comoros


  • Capital City: Brazzaville
  • Population: 5,518,087
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Congo

Congo (DRC)

  • Capital City: Kinshasa
  • Population: 89,561,403
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Congolese Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Congo (DRC)


  • Capital City: Djibouti
  • Population: 988,002
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Somali
  • Currency: Djiboutian Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Djibouti


  • Capital City: Cairo
  • Population: 104,258,327
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
View Eco-Hotels in Egypt

Equatorial Guinea

  • Capital City: Malabo
  • Population: 1,402,985
  • Languages: Spanish, French
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Equatorial Guinea


  • Capital City: Asmara
  • Population: 3,546,421
  • Languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, English
  • Currency: Nakfa
View Eco-Hotels in Eritrea

Eswatini (Swaziland)

  • Capital City: Mbabane
  • Population: 1,160,164
  • Languages: Swazi, English
  • Currency: Lilangeni
View Eco-Hotels in Eswatini (Swaziland)


  • Capital City: Addis Ababa
  • Population: 114,963,588
  • Languages: Amharic
  • Currency: Ethiopian Birr
View Eco-Hotels in Ethiopia


  • Capital City: Libreville
  • Population: 2,225,734
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Central African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Gabon


  • Capital City: Banjul
  • Population: 2,416,668
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Gambian Dalasi
View Eco-Hotels in Gambia


  • Capital City: Accra
  • Population: 31,072,940
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Ghanaian Cedi
View Eco-Hotels in Ghana


  • Capital City: Conakry
  • Population: 13,132,795
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Guinean Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Guinea


  • Capital City: Bissau
  • Population: 1,968,001
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Guinea-Bissau

Ivory Coast

  • Capital City: Yamoussoukro
  • Population: 26,378,274
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Ivory Coast


  • Capital City: Nairobi
  • Population: 53,771,296
  • Languages: English, Swahili
  • Currency: Kenyan Shilling
View Eco-Hotels in Kenya


  • Capital City: Maseru
  • Population: 2,142,249
  • Languages: Sesotho, English
  • Currency: Loti, Rand
View Eco-Hotels in Lesotho


  • Capital City: Monrovia
  • Population: 5,057,681
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Liberian Dollar
View Eco-Hotels in Liberia


  • Capital City: Tripoli
  • Population: 6,871,287
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Libyan Dinar
View Eco-Hotels in Libya


  • Capital City: Antananarivo
  • Population: 27,691,018
  • Languages: Malagasy
  • Currency: Malagasy Ariary
View Eco-Hotels in Madagascar


  • Capital City: Lilongwe
  • Population: 19,129,952
  • Languages: English, Chichewa
  • Currency: Malawian Kwacha
View Eco-Hotels in Malawi


  • Capital City: Bamako
  • Population: 20,250,833
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Mali


  • Capital City: Nouakchott
  • Population: 4,649,658
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Mauritanian Ouguiya
View Eco-Hotels in Mauritania


  • Capital City: Port Louis
  • Population: 1,271,768
  • Languages: English, French
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee
View Eco-Hotels in Mauritius


  • Capital City: Mamoudzou
  • Population: 272,815
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Euro
View Eco-Hotels in Mayotte


  • Capital City: Rabat
  • Population: 36,910,560
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham
View Eco-Hotels in Morocco


  • Capital City: Maputo
  • Population: 31,255,435
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: Mozambican Metical
View Eco-Hotels in Mozambique


  • Capital City: Windhoek
  • Population: 2,540,905
  • Languages: English, German
  • Currency: Namibian Dollar
View Eco-Hotels in Namibia


  • Capital City: Niamey
  • Population: 24,206,644
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Niger


  • Capital City: Abuja
  • Population: 206,139,587
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Naira
View Eco-Hotels in Nigeria


  • Capital City: Saint-Denis
  • Population: 895,312
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: Euro
View Eco-Hotels in Reunion


  • Capital City: Kigali
  • Population: 12,374,397
  • Languages: Kinyarwanda, English, French
  • Currency: Rwandan Franc
View Eco-Hotels in Rwanda

Saint Helena

  • Capital City: Jamestown
  • Population: 6,077
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Saint Helena Pound
View Eco-Hotels in Saint Helena

Sao Tome and Principe

  • Capital City: Sao Tome
  • Population: 219,159
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: Dobra
View Eco-Hotels in Sao Tome and Principe


  • Capital City: Dakar
  • Population: 17,987,562
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Senegal


  • Capital City: Victoria
  • Population: 98,340
  • Languages: Seychellois Creole, English
  • Currency: Seychellois Rupee
View Eco-Hotels in Seychelles

Sierra Leone

  • Capital City: Freetown
  • Population: 8,153,936
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Leone
View Eco-Hotels in Sierra Leone


  • Capital City: Mogadishu
  • Population: 16,877,894
  • Languages: Somali
  • Currency: Somali Shilling
View Eco-Hotels in Somalia

South Africa

  • Capital City: Pretoria
  • Population: 60,041,994
  • Languages: Zulu, Afrikaans, English
  • Currency: South African Rand
View Eco-Hotels in South Africa

South Sudan

  • Capital City: Juba
  • Population: 11,193,725
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: South Sudanese Pound
View Eco-Hotels in South Sudan


  • Capital City: Khartoum
  • Population: 44,909,353
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Currency: Sudanese Pound
View Eco-Hotels in Sudan


  • Capital City: Dodoma
  • Population: 61,498,437
  • Languages: Swahili, English
  • Currency: Tanzanian Shilling
View Eco-Hotels in Tanzania


  • Capital City: Lome
  • Population: 8,278,724
  • Languages: French
  • Currency: West African CFA franc
View Eco-Hotels in Togo


  • Capital City: Tunis
  • Population: 11,818,619
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar
View Eco-Hotels in Tunisia


  • Capital City: Kampala
  • Population: 47,381,136
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Ugandan Shilling
View Eco-Hotels in Uganda

Western Sahara

  • Capital City: Laayoune
  • Population: 597,339
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham
View Eco-Hotels in Western Sahara


  • Capital City: Lusaka
  • Population: 18,383,955
  • Languages: English
  • Currency: Zambian Kwacha
View Eco-Hotels in Zambia


  • Capital City: Harare
  • Population: 14,862,924
  • Languages: English, Shona, Sindebele
  • Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar
View Eco-Hotels in Zimbabwe


Quick Info: africa

  • Status:

    Africa, often referred to as the "Cradle of Humankind," is a continent of immense diversity. From the Sahara Desert in the north to the lush rainforests of the Congo Basin in the center, and the iconic savannas of East Africa, its landscapes are as varied as its people. The continent`s history is intertwined with the emergence of early human civilizations, making it a treasure trove for anthropologists and historians.

  • Population:

    Africa`s population is characterized by its youthful demographics, with a median age significantly lower than that of other continents. This youthfulness presents both opportunities and challenges as countries strive to provide education, healthcare, and employment opportunities for their growing populations.

  • Countries Within:

    Africa`s 54 recognized countries encompass an array of political systems, economies, and cultural traditions. The African Union, a continental organization, aims to promote cooperation and unity among these nations.

  • Languages Spoken:

    With over 2,000 languages spoken, Africa is a linguistic kaleidoscope. Languages vary from major ones like Arabic, Swahili, and Hausa, to numerous local dialects. Language often plays a role in shaping cultural identity and societal norms.

  • Religions:

    While Christianity and Islam are widely practiced due to historical interactions, traditional African religions persist in many communities. These traditional beliefs often emphasize a deep connection to the land, ancestors, and spirits.

Famous For

Africa`s fame extends to its incredible biodiversity, housing iconic species such as lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, and giraffes. The Great Migration in East Africa, where millions of wildebeests and zebras move across the Serengeti, is one of nature`s most awe-inspiring spectacles. The Nile River, the world`s longest, has nurtured civilizations for millennia, while the Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert, remains a testament to the continent`s geographic extremes.

10 Things To Do In africa

  • 1. Safari Adventure

    A safari in Africa is not just a journey; it`s a sensory immersion into the wild. Guided by expert rangers, you`ll venture into national parks and game reserves, where you can spot the iconic "Big Five" and countless other species. The Serengeti`s annual Great Migration is a natural spectacle like no other – millions of wildebeests and zebras traverse the plains, an awe-inspiring display of nature`s rhythm. Alongside your guides, you`ll gain insights into animal behavior, conservation efforts, and the delicate balance that sustains these ecosystems.

  • 2. Pyramids of Giza

    The Pyramids of Giza stand as timeless sentinels of Egypt`s ancient civilization. Gaze in wonder at the Great Pyramid of Khufu, an engineering marvel built over 4,500 years ago. The enigmatic Sphinx, a guardian of history and secrets, watches over these structures, inviting contemplation of the past. The pyramids` grandeur and the precision with which they were constructed continue to inspire awe and spark curiosity about the people who built them and the mysteries they hold.

  • 3. Victoria Falls

    Known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya" – the Smoke That Thunders – Victoria Falls is a natural spectacle that captures the imagination. As the Zambezi River plunges over the edge, a spray of mist creates rainbows and a sense of enchantment. You can experience this wonder from various viewpoints, including daring helicopter rides that offer breathtaking aerial perspectives. And during the dry season, the daring can venture to the edge of the falls at Devil`s Pool, a natural infinity pool that grants a thrilling glimpse over the precipice, an experience both exhilarating and humbling.

  • 4. Cape of Good Hope

    At the southernmost tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope greets travelers with dramatic landscapes that blend rugged cliffs, turquoise waters, and diverse ecosystems. Bask in the panoramic views from the Cape Point lighthouse, feeling the salty breeze on your skin as you contemplate the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The area`s biodiversity is a marvel to explore – from the charming African penguins at Boulders Beach to the unique fynbos vegetation that paints the hills with vibrant colors, the Cape offers a journey through nature`s artistry.

  • 5. Mount Kilimanjaro

    Rising majestically above the Tanzanian savanna, Mount Kilimanjaro presents a challenge and a reward like no other. The trek to its snow-capped summit is an odyssey through distinct ecosystems, each with its own character – from the lush rainforests to the stark alpine deserts. Reaching Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa, is a testament to human determination and a humbling experience as you stand above the clouds, witnessing the sunrise over the sprawling landscapes below. It`s a journey of both physical exertion and introspection, where every step is a triumph over the mountain`s towering presence.

  • 6. Marrakech, Morocco

    Marrakech is a city that indulges the senses at every turn. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine medinas, where narrow alleyways lead to bustling souks brimming with treasures. As the sun sets, Djemaa el-Fna comes alive – a vibrant square that transforms into an open-air theater of storytellers, snake charmers, and food vendors. Explore the opulence of the Bahia Palace, where intricate tilework and lush gardens reflect Moroccan craftsmanship. And the Koutoubia Mosque, with its towering minaret, stands as a serene beacon, an emblem of the city`s spiritual and architectural heritage.

  • 7. Nile River Cruise

    Embarking on a Nile River cruise is to journey through the annals of time. As the lifeblood of ancient Egypt, the Nile has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. Sail past the temple complexes of Luxor, where colossal statues and grand columns pay homage to the gods. Explore the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of pharaohs, and Karnak Temple, a sprawling monument to the divine. At Abu Simbel, the twin temples carved into rock embody the power and artistry of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship. Guided by Egyptologists, your cruise is a window into history, culture, and the enduring allure of the Nile`s waters.

  • 8. Table Mountain

    Table Mountain presides over Cape Town like a guardian, inviting explorers to its summit. Whether you choose to hike the trails or take the cable car, the reward is a panoramic tableau that unfolds below – the city, the ocean, and the rugged landscapes that stretch to the horizon. Walk along the flat expanse of the summit, marveling at the unique flora that thrives in this microclimate, known as the Cape Floral Kingdom. As the sun paints the sky with hues of gold and pink, you`ll understand why this iconic mountain is more than just a geological wonder – it`s a symbol of Cape Town`s indomitable spirit.

  • 9. Sahara Desert

    The Sahara Desert is a symphony of sand and silence, an endless sea of dunes that shift and sigh with the wind. As you venture into its depths, you`ll experience an environment both desolate and enchanting. Ride atop camels as they traverse the rolling dunes, casting dramatic shadows in the shifting light. At sunset, the desert`s warm embrace becomes a canvas for vivid colors, and as night falls, the starlit expanse above is a spectacle that leaves you in awe of the universe`s grandeur. Amidst the solitude, you`ll also encounter desert oases – pockets of life and culture that have thrived for centuries, testaments to human resilience in the face of nature`s extremes.

  • 10. Gorilla Trekking

    Embarking on a gorilla trek is an encounter with our distant relatives – the mountain gorillas. As you journey through dense forests in Uganda and Rwanda, you`ll join guides and trackers in search of these gentle giants. As you approach, the thrill of being in their presence is humbling – watching them interact, groom each other, and care for their young is a testament to the complexity and grace of the natural world. Your visit contributes to conservation efforts, helping to protect these endangered creatures and the rich biodiversity of the Virunga Mountains they call home. It`s a journey that deepens your connection to the planet`s wild places and the importance of preserving them for generations to come.

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