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La Residence Hotel

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Radisson Blu Hotel, N'Djamena

Outdoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Airport shuttle (free),Facilities for disabled guests,Free parking,Room service,Restaurant,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
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  • Official Name:Republic of Chad

  • Capital:N`Djamena

  • Population:16,425,864

  • Area:1,284,000 km²

  • Major Languages:French, Arabic

  • Major Religions:Islam, Christianity

  • Life expectancy:54.24 years

  • Currency:Central African CFA franc

10 Things To Do In Chad

  • 1. Visit Zakouma National Park Experience

    Embark on an unforgettable journey through Zakouma National Park, where diverse wildlife roams free. From the majestic elephants to the mighty lions and graceful antelope species, you`ll connect with the raw beauty of nature and witness the harmony of life within this vibrant ecosystem.

  • 2. Explore the Ennedi Plateau and its rock

    Traverse the Ennedi Plateau and stand in awe of its otherworldly rock formations and striking arches. As you immerse yourself in these ancient landscapes, you`ll connect with the forces that have shaped these rocks over millennia, leaving you captivated by the Earth`s artistic prowess.

  • 3. Go on a camel trek in the Sahara Desert

    Embark on a camel trek across the sprawling Sahara Desert, where the vastness of the landscape invites contemplation and reflection. With each step taken alongside these stoic creatures, you`ll connect with the stillness of the desert and find solace in its seemingly endless horizons.

  • 4. Discover the capital city, N`Djamena Explore

    Delve into the heart of Chad by exploring its capital city, N`Djamena. Amidst the bustling markets, insightful museums, and vibrant ambiance, you`ll connect with the rhythm of urban life in Chad and gain a deeper understanding of the nation`s culture and history.

  • 5. Experience the Gerewol Festival Attend

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of the Gerewol Festival, a traditional Wodaabe celebration known for its beauty contests and captivating dances. By participating in this cultural event, you`ll connect with the rhythms of the Wodaabe people and witness the joy of their communal celebrations.

  • 6. Visit Lake Chad Witness one of Africa`s

    Gaze upon the vast expanse of Lake Chad, one of Africa`s largest lakes that sustains life and supports local communities. As you stand at its shores, you`ll connect with the life-giving force of water and the vital role it plays in the rhythms of daily existence for many.

  • 7. Engage with local tribes in the Tibesti

    Engage with the unique cultures and traditions of the Tibesti people as you delve into the enchanting Tibesti Mountains. By connecting with the customs and ways of life of these tribes, you`ll gain insights into the wisdom that has been passed down through generations in these ancient lands.

  • 8. Discover the Ounianga Lakes Visit the

    Wander through the ethereal landscapes surrounding the Ounianga Lakes, a series of interconnected desert lakes that form a breathtaking oasis. By connecting with the serenity of these shimmering waters, you`ll find yourself transported to a world where nature`s beauty knows no bounds.

  • 9. Explore the Gaoui Sultanate in Mongo

    Embark on a journey into the historical legacy of the Gaoui Sultanate in Mongo. As you explore this ancient sultanate, you`ll connect with the stories of the past and the intricate threads that weave together the tapestry of Chad`s history, creating a deeper appreciation for the nation`s heritage.

  • 10. Participate in a traditional Dama ceremony Experience

    Immerse yourself in the sacred rituals and healing ceremonies of the Sara people through a traditional Dama ceremony. By participating in this age-old practice, you`ll connect with the spiritual and cultural dimensions that have been woven into the fabric of Chad`s communities for generations.

5 Most Visited Cities In Chad

  • N`Djamena





When To Go To Chad

  • Echoing the rhythms of its neighboring Sahelian countries, Chad`s most inviting period aligns with the dry season from November to February. During these months, the intensity of the heat subsides, granting adventurers the chance to explore its awe-inspiring landscapes with greater comfort. The Ennedi Plateau`s stunning rock formations and the captivating Zakouma National Park, home to a diverse array of wildlife, beckon travelers to embrace the raw beauty of the region. Chad`s dry season offers a unique opportunity to discover its hidden gems while relishing in its untamed charm.

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