Sustainable And Eco-Hotels In Burundi

The 8 Most Ethical And Sustainable Hotels In Burundi according to ETIC Hotels

Roca Golf Hotel

Outdoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Free parking,Airport shuttle,Restaurant,Fitness centre,Room service,Tea/coffee maker in all rooms,Bar,Good breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Silver rating

From: N/A

Hotel Club Du Lac Tanganyika

2 swimming pools,Free WiFi,Free parking,Airport shuttle (free),Restaurant,Fitness centre,Bar,Beachfront,Private beach area,Good breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Bronze rating

From: N/A

Kangaroo Hotel Bujumbura

Indoor swimming pool,Free WiFi,Free parking,Airport shuttle,Restaurant,Room service,Beachfront,Bar,Private beach area,Breakfast
ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Bronze rating

From: N/A

Hotel Source Du Nil Burundi

ETIC carbon rating
ETIC Bronze rating

From: N/A



  • Official Name:Republic of Burundi

  • Capital:Gitega

  • Population:11,890,784

  • Area:27,834 km²

  • Major Languages:Kirundi, French

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:60.16 years

  • Currency:Burundian Franc

10 Things To Do In Burundi

  • 1. Visit Lake Tanganyika

    Embark on a journey to one of Africa`s Great Lakes by visiting Lake Tanganyika, a pristine freshwater jewel that borders Burundi. This vast and ancient lake is known for its crystal-clear waters, diverse aquatic life, and stunning landscapes. Relax on the sandy shores, take refreshing swims, or embark on boat excursions to explore the lake`s hidden coves and picturesque islands. Lake Tanganyika offers a serene escape surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquility of nature, making it a perfect spot to unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of Burundi`s landscapes.

  • 2. Explore the Rusizi National Park

    Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Burundi by exploring Rusizi National Park, a protected area that showcases the country`s biodiversity and landscapes. This park is located near Lake Tanganyika and offers a mix of wetlands, savannas, and forested areas. Embark on guided walks to spot diverse bird species, watch for crocodiles along the riverbanks, and encounter other wildlife that call the park home. The Rusizi River, which flows through the park, provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and picnicking. Rusizi National Park is a testament to Burundi`s commitment to preserving its natural heritage and sharing it with visitors.

  • 3. Relax on the beaches of Bujumbura

    Unwind and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Bujumbura, Burundi`s capital city located along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. With its soft sands, clear waters, and laid-back atmosphere, the beaches offer a peaceful retreat where you can swim, sunbathe, or simply take in the panoramic views of the lake. Engage in water sports, explore local markets, or enjoy fresh fish dishes at lakeside restaurants. The beaches of Bujumbura provide a tranquil escape that celebrates the natural beauty and recreational offerings of Burundi`s landscapes.

  • 4. Discover the Source of the Nile in Rutovu

    Embark on a journey of historical significance by discovering the Source of the Nile in Rutovu, a site that marks one of the farthest points of the Nile River. Situated in the lush hills of Burundi, this site is believed to be one of the Nile`s tributaries. Explore the surrounding landscapes and engage with local guides who can share insights about the river`s cultural and ecological importance. Reflect on the role of the Nile in shaping ancient civilizations and its enduring significance in contemporary society. Discovering the Source of the Nile is a unique opportunity to connect with a river that has captivated human imagination for millennia.

  • 5. Experience the lively atmosphere of Bujumbura

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant pulse of Burundi`s capital city, Bujumbura. This bustling urban center offers a blend of cultural attractions, bustling markets, and a lively arts scene. Explore local galleries, engage with artisans, and sample Burundian cuisine at restaurants that line the streets. Stroll along the waterfront promenade, where you can enjoy views of Lake Tanganyika and witness the city`s dynamic energy. Bujumbura`s nightlife comes alive with live music, dance performances, and social gatherings, showcasing the nation`s creative spirit and cultural diversity.

  • 6. Visit the Gishora Drum Sanctuary

    Immerse yourself in Burundi`s rich musical heritage by visiting the Gishora Drum Sanctuary, a cultural space that celebrates the importance of drums in traditional Burundian culture. This sacred site is home to hundreds of ancient drums that are revered as symbols of communication, spirituality, and social unity. Engage with local performers who demonstrate the rhythms and significance of drumming, and learn about the rituals and ceremonies in which drums play a central role. The Gishora Drum Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to connect with Burundi`s musical traditions and the cultural values they represent.

  • 7. Explore the Karera Waterfalls

    Embark on a scenic adventure to discover the Karera Waterfalls, a natural wonder located near the town of Rutana. These cascading falls are surrounded by lush vegetation and offer a picturesque setting for relaxation and exploration. Hike through the trails that lead to the falls, taking in the sights and sounds of the Burundian countryside along the way. Enjoy the refreshing mist as water tumbles over rocks and creates a soothing ambiance. The Karera Waterfalls provide a tranquil escape that showcases the beauty of Burundi`s landscapes and the soothing power of nature.

  • 8. Learn about the Kingdom of Burundi at the National Museum

    Immerse yourself in the historical narratives and cultural heritage of Burundi by visiting the National Museum in Gitega. Explore the exhibits that showcase the Kingdom of Burundi`s history, from its monarchy and traditions to its interactions with neighboring nations. Discover artifacts, sculptures, and art pieces that tell the stories of Burundi`s past, shedding light on its social structures, artistic achievements, and cultural identity. Engage with knowledgeable guides who can provide insights into the significance of each exhibit, and gain a deeper appreciation for the nation`s evolution and resilience.

  • 9. Attend the Umuganura Festival

    Immerse yourself in the spirit of community and agricultural celebration by attending the Umuganura Festival, a traditional event that honors the harvest and rural life in Burundi. Experience the vibrant atmosphere as people come together to showcase their agricultural products, traditional dances, and music. Witness rituals that express gratitude to the land and seek blessings for the future. The Umuganura Festival offers a window into Burundi`s deep connection with the earth, its reliance on agriculture, and its cultural traditions that celebrate unity and prosperity.

  • 10. Visit the Kibira National Park

    Embark on a journey into the heart of Burundi`s biodiversity by visiting Kibira National Park, a protected area that encompasses lush rainforests, dense woodlands, and diverse ecosystems. Engage in guided hikes and nature walks that take you through the park`s verdant landscapes, where you can encounter a variety of wildlife species, including primates, birds, and elusive forest inhabitants. Marvel at the beauty of cascading waterfalls and serene streams that characterize Kibira`s terrain. The park`s natural beauty is a testament to Burundi`s commitment to conservation and its role as a sanctuary for its unique flora and fauna.

5 Most Visited Cities In Burundi

  • Bujumbura





When To Go To Burundi

  • From June to September, Burundi invites travelers to experience its natural wonders and vibrant urban life in a more comfortable environment. As the dry season unfolds, wildlife enthusiasts can explore the Rusizi National Park and Kibira National Park, encountering a diverse range of species. The city of Bujumbura offers a taste of Burundi`s cultural scene and bustling markets. Surrounded by lush landscapes and the shimmering waters of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi during this time beckons adventurers to explore its unique blend of natural beauty and urban vibrancy.

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