British Virgin Islands

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Wyndham Tortola BVI Lambert Beach Resort

Outdoor swimming pool,Spa and wellness centre,Non-smoking rooms,Fitness centre,Family rooms,Room service,Free parking,Bar,Beachfront,Private beach area
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British Virgin Islands

  • Official Name:British Virgin Islands

  • Capital:Road Town

  • Population:30,030

  • Area:151 km²

  • Major Languages:English

  • Major Religions:Christianity

  • Life expectancy:-

  • Currency:US Dollar

10 Things To Do In British Virgin Islands

  • 1. Sail the turquoise waters

    Embark on a sailing adventure through the BVI`s famous calm and clear waters, exploring hidden coves.

  • 2. Relax on iconic beaches

    Unwind on the white sandy beaches of The Baths, Smuggler`s Cove, and Cane Garden Bay.

  • 3. Explore Virgin Gorda`s Baths

    Discover unique rock formations and pools at The Baths, offering excellent opportunities for exploration.

  • 4. Dive the Wreck of the RMS Rhone

    Explore the underwater remains of the historic shipwreck, home to diverse marine life and coral growth.

  • 5. Visit Anegada`s pink flamingos

    Witness the beautiful flamingos and unique wildlife on the remote coral island of Anegada.

  • 6. Hike to Gorda Peak National Park

    Enjoy panoramic views and lush scenery during a hike to the highest point in the British Virgin Islands.

  • 7. Snorkel the coral reefs

    Discover vibrant underwater ecosystems and marine life while snorkeling at sites like Monkey Point.

  • 8. Experience island hopping

    Explore different islands within the BVI, each with its own charm, from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke.

  • 9. Enjoy local seafood cuisine

    Indulge in fresh seafood and Caribbean flavors at local restaurants and beachfront eateries.

  • 10. Join festive events and regattas

    Participate in lively events like the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival, showcasing local culture.

5 Most Visited Cities In British Virgin Islands

When To Go To British Virgin Islands

  • From November to mid-December, the British Virgin Islands exude an irresistible allure, as warm temperatures and reduced hurricane risk create an idyllic haven for visitors. This is the prime time for sailing enthusiasts to navigate the crystalline waters and explore hidden coves. Snorkelers and divers can immerse themselves in vibrant underwater ecosystems, while beachgoers find solace on pristine shores. With their relaxed charm and unspoiled beauty, the British Virgin Islands offer a tranquil escape where the rhythms of the sea and the warmth of the sun embrace every moment.

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