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At ETIC, Sustainability is our core objective and motto… therefore we take Sustainability very seriously.

We consider Sustainability as one of the most important issues of our time.

For this matter, our team now endeavors to minimize ETIC Hotels’ footprint on the environment by implementing sustainable initiatives aimed at improving the office’s performance, providing relevant social support within our community, as well as reducing the use of energy and water and our production of waste. We comply with all relevant legislation and regulations with the goal of achieving international best practices.

We have also established a “Green ETIC Team” which is responsible for improvement of our Global Head Office’s sustainability performance. This means that we subject ourselves to annual Benchmarking Assessments that help us not only meet our sustainability objectives but continually improve them in clear, measurable ways.

Doing the right thing for the environment and immediate communities means a lot more than financial donations and minimizing energy usage. It can mean giving special consideration to hiring local contractors; eliminating plastic bottle use entirely; helping out at refugee centers; thinking of innovative ways to recycle office waste; and that sustainable products & services are be sourced locally in accordance with Fair Trade principles whenever possible.

But beyond this, as a leader in the hospitality arena we encourage our staff to present our environmental and sustainability commitment to all key stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, and contractors. This means that not only do we act in a way that best protects the environment, but we also set an example for our many independently owned hotels to do the same, even providing them with hands-on guidance and services that enables them to minimize their footprint on the planet as well, while also supporting their local communities – together as one.

Like you, we at ETIC Hotels care about the world we live in. We are proud to be doing all that we can, proud to be a part of the sustainability solution.

The ETIC Hotels Team